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Title: Love is like Rain
Pairing: Zack/Aeris
Rating: G
Warning: Spoiler for the end of Crisis Core
Notes: Inspired by The Who song Love Reign O'er Me

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it ^_^.
Zack took Aeris's hand and led her down a small path near a thicket of wild flowers. He slowed his pace down when he felt she was having trouble keeping up with his long strides. The sound of gulls called out over the breezy field they were crossing, and there was a gently crashing of ocean waves up ahead. He stopped after a few moments keeping a hold of her hand gently, blue eyes scanning down over the beach ahead of them. The water was perfect, a lovely shade of cerulean and the sands were white like alabaster.
   "See I told you it was beautiful." He said with a smile looking over at her. Aeris giggled and nodded a little bit.
   "I never said it wouldn't be, come on let's go down there." She replied jovially as she led him this time down to the picturesque shores. She let go of his hand and removed her shoes placing them carefully to the side before heading to the wake of the water. She let the cool liquid run over her feet and closed her eyes a bit taking in the clean air. Zack was right, this place was really gorgeous. The black haired man came up behind her hand wrapped his arms around her tenderly, and nuzzled his face into her brown hair.
  "I am happy that you like it, really I am." He said with a smile that she could hear in his voice. Aeris leaned back against him and looked out across the sea.
  "Always like this ..." She said in a quiet voice.
  "Hm?" Zack inquired stroking her hair a bit.
  "It will always be like this?" She asked turning a little  bit in his embrace. Zack went quiet for a moment but a smile pulled at his lips again and he kissed her cheek tenderly.
 "Of course it will, just like this the two of us. Don't worry about it everything will be fine." He assured her. She nodded and leaned into him .


    Zack laid near the side of the cliff struggling with his breathing, a small river of blood trickling down his nose and cheek now. How did it end up like this? Everything, everything just went completely wrong. He tried to get up but found it hard to do so in his current state. Cloud wasn't too far from him, but he couldn't make out his features well at the moment. His blue eyes were starting to lose their sense of sight, their shine, and he knew it was close. This is it. He thought sadly, but tried to keep his spirits high, his will to survive strong. Sheer willpower he believed would make him live through this, and allow him to heal. He didn't want to leave this life just yet, he had many things he wanted to do. So many people he wanted to see again.
   "Aeris..." His voice was barely above a whisper to where his blonde comrade couldn't hear him. Zack's hand curled in a bit and he closed his eyes briefly.


    Zack stepped through the streets and alleys of Midgar, dodging inattentive drivers as they made their way this way and that. He came across a small cafe and opened the door going inside. The atmosphere was a little bit dreary but he found it somewhat inviting. Sitting himself down at a table he placed his sword against the wall behind him so it wouldn't  be in anyone's way. He folded his hands under his chin and watched as people went about their business. People watching was kind of fun actually in it's own little way.
Some people did the craziest things, and some people just were plain odd. He moved one of his hands and reached into his pocket carefully pulling out a small yellow flower. He twirled it in his hand gently and smiled a little bit. He was hoping to see Aeris again tomorrow, and perhaps take her out to lunch or see a movie. He pocketed the flower and got up grabbing his sword, maybe he wasn't as hungry as he thought after all. Stepping outside he stood out of the way of the door for a moment looking up. A water droplet hit his forehead, than many more dripped onto the streets.
   "About time we got a little bit of rain." He said offhandedly stepping out from under the eve of the Cafe and going down the street.


   There was just too much that he wanted to do, that he wanted to tell Aeris. Now he couldn't, Zack knew that this was his last day and that was it. The sound of Cloud's voice started to sound far away like someone was talking into a tunnel at him. He smiled a little bit looking up at the cloudy sky. No, this wasn't it at all, only a prelude. Aeris would be with him again one day, he'd see her somehow. A feeling of calm washed over him as the ache of his wounds started to fade, and he felt warm and not cold. He closed his eyes and let the tranquility pour over him. Zack didn't know how much time may have elapsed but his eyes opened and he was looking up into the rain clouds in the sky. A sort of white light looking down over him, but he didn't feel afraid. Cool rain droplets went over his body washing away the blood. He felt whole in a sense, and reached up at the light as it came closer. He smiled a bit as a hand came out and took his. The bracelets on the wrist were familiar and he sat up and felt himself floating up into the calming light. Death wasn't so bad after all, it wasn't too terrifying.
   "Thank you..." He said to whomever it was that took his hand, but he believed he knew who it was and closed his eyes.
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